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TVSocialite is a real-time consumer sentiment analysis business with a focus on TV and radio.
We offer our clients in-depth data analysis about TV and radio content using two processes that we have developed internally (semantic analysis and a dedicated panel of viewers). We aggregate all the data we have sourced and issue strategic recommendations in the form of an end of project report. We develop new audience measurement methodologies by transforming Big Data into Smart Data.


TVSocialite Analyser®

The TVSocialite Analyser® can capture and analyse any hashtag or keyword on social media, blogs and forums and carry out extensive sentiment and semantic analysis. This process is totally automated and can give real-time results across all platforms. Our datasets can give you an understanding of how very precise segments of a programme have been perceived by your audience.


The Panel by TVSocialite®

Our proprietry panel of viewers is regularly sought for its views and opinions on our clients’ programmes. Panelists are recruited based on their viewing habits and demographic. Regular questionnaires are sent via SMS, based on data sourced via the TVSocialite Analyser®. Questionnaires are sent either before/after or during the transmission of a programme with results provided in real-time. We ensure the quality of our data by regularly recruiting new pannelists and offering a generous incentive programme.



Our Customer Success Managers offer full-scale support to our clients throughout the data sourcing process and will present each client with a report containing recommendations based on the contextualised data (SmartData).


Trends and analysis

TVSocialite also provides intelligence and insight on the most significant trends in the media industry across Europe and its core markets. Available on subscription, these reports are designed to provide the most up-to-date information to decision-makers based on collected and contextualised data sourced all year long.




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